Thursday, 6 October 2016

Invisible cities - Esmeralda OGR

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  1. OGR 06/10/2016

    Hi Karolina,

    I've enjoyed the range of approaches in your thumbnails - your line art drawings have lots of illustrative charm and I do like some of the more abstract ones - for Ersilla for example. I think it's interesting that you've picked up on the 'den of thieves' aspect of Esmeralda: your classmate Mike Brook has also zoned in on this element of Calvino's city, so do visit his OGR feedback as you'll no doubt find some of the references useful:

    Calvino describes a city of contrasts - a city that exists on different levels for different kinds of people and I think it would be a pity if you only examined/explored one type of Esmeralda - the 'dark side', as I don't think this can quite do justice to the full vibrancy of Calvino's city. Perhaps you can identify compositions wherein you can create a sort of visual conversation between the two types of the city - with all that water described, perhaps you could consider the idea of 'reflections' as a means of showing the 'duality' of the city?

    Reflections are often used to talk about duality - especially in film.

    The one clear thing about Calvino's city is how he describes it as a dynamic place - different routes, changing constantly - there's almost a sense of 'futurism' about Calvino's description - a city defined as in constant motion:

    I guess my point is that the calm mystery you talk about in your statement and as expressed by your three key thumbnails may not capture the actual dynamism of Calvino's Esmeralda and that might be something you'd like to consider when you think about creating the master shot and the low-angle shot. In terms of the interior choice, you might be able to make the argument for going for something more concealed and mysterious. One of the most famous examples of a thieves' den is in Oliver Twist - Fagin's den:

    So - in short - have a think about Calvino's description and how you might translate the sense of activity and vibrancy, but also hint at the 'dark side' of the city - because I think 3 mysterious paintings of Esmeralda might fail to capture its characteristics effectively.