Friday, 7 October 2016

CG Artists Toolkit : Animation & Character - Lesson 03

Cartoon-ish bouncing (50 Frames) 
Basketball, Ping pong, Bowling ball bouncing (50 frames)
Basketball, Ping pong, Bowling ball bouncing (36 frames)


  1. Hello Karolina,

    Good work so far. I think a few things need tweaking here.
    1) The bowling ball, when it lands it looks like it hovers over the ground a bit during the roll off, try rotating it with the reflections slightly so it looks like it's rolling instead of miraculously sliding.
    2) Your ping pong ball could do with coming back up higher for the second and third bounces to give it the sense of being a lighter ball. It doesn't have the gravitational resistance that a bowling ball would have as it's so light.
    3) Your tennis ball seems to have turned orange and grown a rubber jacket :D I think the timing and spacing needs a bit of tweaking on this one, there might be too many frames on the way up from the bounce causing it to be a little slow and heavy. Have a go at tweaking it.

    I'll check back here to see your progress :)


    1. Hello,
      I fixed some parts of it and made it in less frames. Also, I didnt know what ball to make so I made basketball. Sorry for that :D