Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Major Project | Reflective Statement

The making of my final project was a long and challenging journey, one that is finally/sadly coming to an end. It was a memorable journey filled with ups and downs ranging from struggling with self-set deadlines to creating a lovely design. Needlessly to say the heavy workload that came with the project made for an intense and hectic experience in general from my perspective due to the part time job I had. It was a struggle to meet my personal deadlines; however, I do believe I managed to make the best I could out of it.
At the very start of the project, I had loads of fun researching and designing my character. It took me many tries to achieve the perfect look I wanted to have and I cannot thank the people enough who gave me feedback and suggestions to how to make my character look better.
I had some problems with Rigging and Skinning my first character where things would not move or connect where they should. However, I managed to fix the problems with the cost of a decent amount of time. I do believe that I lost the most time here because I stumbled upon many problems and 3D designing issues that I had to resolve.
My compositor managed to finish the music for my animation on time, despite the amount of pressure put on him. There are minor parts that I am not completely happy with, but I will definitely ask him kindly to correct it for me when he has the time for it because I really enjoy my project, even though I did not manage to finish it fully. However, I am determined to finish the project regardless during the summer time.
Overall, the project to me has been very interesting and rewarding as I feel for the first time I managed to create something on my own, discovering problems I have never encountered before and deciding to tackle them head on. It is a shame and to me a big personal regret that I did not manage to fully animate my project. As stated above it was hard for me to time manage work and project as well as problems that required a lot of time fixing. However, since I really enjoyed creating this project, I will definitely tackle it during the summer time again; else it would be a huge waste of potential. Looking back over the past three years, I am impressed with how far I came and how much I have improved in every aspect. Comparing older project from first year to more recent ones I feel a great sense of achievement followed by a wave of joy. I really cannot believe how far I came throughout these years and it is strange indeed to know that this was the final project.

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Major Project | Environment Renders & Extras

I drew this concept art a while ago and finally created a 3D version of it.

I ran some tests with the textures and ended up with one that I really liked. Both the environment and characters were made with the same hypershade connections.

Major Project | Environment Models & Textures / UVs