Saturday, 26 January 2019

Minor Project | Reflective Statement

This project has been a unique experience for me. I did not manage to achieve all the things I would have liked to and the reason why is because I have a sensitive eye for detail – everything has to be perfect to the smallest detail. If something is out of the ordinary or does not fit my imagination, I tend to put all my effort into fixing it, which results in a major time consumption.
Even though I have not finished what I intended to, I have great confidence about my project and the work I have done so far. More concept art will be added to the Art-Of as I realized (with the help of Phil and Alan) and it has to be improved in general as for example texts will be added explaining my journey and how I came to this final form of the project. The current accompanying music is only a draft with some parts not being in synch with the animation. The compositor as well requested feedback on the course of the development for the music as it is right now and if it is fitting with the theme of the story.
All in all, I need to learn how to become faster and less focused onto small details that prevent me from progressing. Big improvements on the character model have been made since Premise, which leaves me very confident about the project in general.

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Minor Project | Boy Body Model

I have finished major parts of the model for the boy, however, I have encountered an issue while modelling the scarf which I will soon resolve. After that there will be only the cape left to model, connecting everything together as well as UV mapping to finish the boy character fully.