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"Alien" (1979)

Fig. 1 "Alien" Poster
"Alien" movie was produced in 1979. Directed by Ridley Scott and is one of the most remembered horror, science-fiction films of the 20th Century. As Martin Chilton says in his review: "Cue a sci-fi thriller of palpable, nerve-tingling tension, with Sigourney Weaver – playing warrant officer Ellen Ripley – in stunning form." (M. Chilton, 2014). "Alien" has truly stepped to a new, modern film development and knowledge of modern computer technology.

Fig. 2 "Nostromo" crew

As the film begins, viewers are taken to a spaceship, called "Nostromo". At the first environment may be chill and friendly, showing how seven astronauts awaken from their sleep in capsules. The room where they were sleeping, is simple white room, giving then peacefull,calm place to rest. In other rooms the colours are different, they are more greyish and more detailed.

Fig.3 Alien

As the movie goes on and the story progresses to the point when alien beings are in the spaceship making chaos among the astronauts and killing them one by one. The only one survivor in the film is a woman, Ellen Ripley. This shows how woman role was accentuated at the end of the movie, when she finished off the alien.

Fig. 4 "Alien: Isolation" Game

"Computer-generated images have made amazing special effects routine." (S. Cole, 2009) as discussed by Stephen Cole, this film really has strong sounds and jump scares, which have inspired games such as: "Alien: Isolation". All music sounds, room details, even alien look were re-created in that game. (Fig. 4)

"Alien" has been called the most influential of modern action pictures, and so it is…( R. Ebert, 2003) Indeed, "Alien" is one of a kind film, having a simple plot with superb effects which leaves the audience feeling goosebumps all over their bodies.


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