Thursday, 2 February 2017

"From Script to Screen" | Story

Character: Artist
Environment: Laboratory
Prop: Kite

 The Premise
An adventurous/creative tale of a boy with a desire to make inventions.

The Logline
A boy who experiences rejection and has been bullied by others, is challenged by a bully to a kite race. Let the best win!

The Step Outline
In old Italy, near a Tyrrhenian sea, we meet a lonely young boy. His favourite place was to sit under the bridge where there was watermill next to it. Also, no one could see him there. People neglect him, believing that he won’t achieve anything in his life. He is left out only for being different from others, more creative and dreamy.

One day, the boy notices how a group of birds are flying around freely. He takes out his sketch book and starts drawing. He sits under a bridge and continues drawing bird wings. In the meantime, one bird flies close to him and walk around him. He takes out his bread and feeds him. He notices how the bird wings are working and the way of working he draws in his sketchbook. Turning them into flying machines.

After the bird flies away, he packs up his sketches, stands up from the ground and starts walking back home. While he walks back home other kids pushes him around till he accidently hits his face against someone’s back.

The bully turns back at him and pushes him away. As he falls and drops his sketchbooks which opens while falling. The bully comes close to it, picks it up and laughs at his drawing. The bully looks back at the boy and challenges him at kite racing.

The boy stands up and looks at all the children who are laughing at him. He accepts the challenge while looking at the bully’s eyes. Bully gets surprised about the way he accepts the challenge. Bully points to the mountain where the race going to happen and gives that boy one week to make his flying kite.

The main protagonist runs back home to his laboratory. Viewer notices all the sketches there and some of his made inventions. (Shows some of the working steps)

After all the work, the boy comes back with his invention on the mountains where all the children are standing and waiting for him. While the boy is getting ready, the bully comes with his invention. While passing boy he pushes him again and laughs.

As the both characters get ready, the bully points on where they have finish line, he points out to the bridge where they both met first time. Both agree.

The race starts, both jump off the hill. He closes his eyes for a second, but as he glides up, he opens his eyes and sees where is the bully. The boy pulls his handy lever to open bigger wings and catch up with the bully. Shiftly glides underneath him at high speed.

As they reach the finish line, the boy tries harder to be faster. Nevertheless, after a few seconds the boy wins the race! Everyone starts cheering for him. As the camera moves up and captures simple kite gliding in the sky.
The camera is back at boys laboratory, slowly going down. From his sketches on the wall to his sketchbook on the table. Wind blows and the sketchbook pages flip. Showing all the sketchbooks pages in one go and finishing on an “exciting page”.

The End.


  1. Nice!I love the last part where sketchbook shows us all his work in progress. It would be a very good shot!
    Also I wonder how this bully even managed to create a kite to begin with...

    1. I don't think that I need to explain that part. It's about the little boy and he needs.
      The part when the bully comes with kite, can mean that bully's parents are rich so that's why he got fancy looking kite.

    2. agreed, you don't need to explain the bully's kite - he just 'has one' - and yes, he's the kind of kid who just gets what he wants.

  2. I'm kinda left thinking about the background of our protagonist, and whether he is really a reject or just someone who is solitary. Having a solid foundation for motivation in the main character means a lot in a story like this where the drive is the will to teach the bullies a lesson. After all why would he bother doing anything if he is already an outcast?

    I imagine some kind of Dexter's lab scenario in this case, with the comedic backdrop working to your advantage. At least that's how I'd go around it.

    Hope this helps develop your story.