Saturday, 13 May 2017

Fantastic Voyage | Reflective Statement

All in all, I felt that this project went pretty well. There were some steps at the beginning that were kinda tricky. Such as developing the idea for the audience to understand. However, later in the project my lack of skills made some problems with Maya. As some of the parts of my animation didn't come out as I wished for. Nevertheless, I learned many useful things such as rigging characters and animating each part of them. Even though this project was one of a kind, I enjoyed each part of it. Sadly, some of the criteria I didn't fulfil as I was skipping some part such as: film reviews. Only to win more time for my final animation. Which wasn't the best thing to do. Yet, I'am happy with my animation and how it turned out in total, I could have never expected myself to make such animation.
In conclusion, talking about this whole study year. I learned many things, as I came to this course not knowing how any of these programs work. Not only I developed skills in these programs, but overall also I have broadened their horizons/interests.

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