Friday, 3 March 2017

"From Script to Sreen" - Reflective Statement

This project was exciting! The three randomized words which I got didn't make any problem in creating a story. As there were many possibilities for me to make any kind of story. However, there were some moments when I would get lost in my stories, and I wouldn't know which one should I pick. The freedom that we get with those three words is amazing, you can express anything you feel like. Nevertheless, there was a problem before second OGR when I felt that my time management stumbled, also I felt that I could have done more, more tweaking my animatics and also making my pre-viz more refined with the movements. However, I didn't lose my excitement for it!
All in all, this project was really amusing with the freedom of creating our own story with three words and also developing camera shots. Also, I could have never thought that I would make proper animatics before, but after this project aim definitely happy with my results. Everything that I learned in this project definitely going to be improved for the next project.

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