Saturday, 21 January 2017

"From Script to Screen" | Story Ideas

Character: Artist
Environment: Laboratory
Prop: Kite

Modern (With more advanced technology):

1. The artist was inspired from childhood to make the most beautiful kites, that no one has ever seen it. But as he grows up this idea gets dull. (after some years) Coming back from work he sees a child crying becouse of his broken kite. But he also notices that his mother is dragging him away without any concer of cheering him up. At that moment artist realises how people are blind, not seeing the beauty in simple things and not caring for others. He comes back home, runs into a laboratory to experiment with different kind of kites, trying to make most of what he has. Later on releasing them into the sky so people would notice it and cheerish it. Every kite would have a nice message on it, for people to see when the kites lands.

2. Kite racing! - Child in early age gets inspired by kite racing, but because he is little, he can't attend the race. Without asking parents' permission he still attends the race. But after his kite gets destroyed by opponents, he gives up on races. Too shameful for him to try it again. After 8 years, when he is fully grown up, he makes powerful rocket boosted kite. As the race begins he knows that his opponents are same from before, using all nasty illegal tricks to defeat him in the race. (The race begins, kites fly around tricky obstacles trying to avoid any collision, opponents use illegal tricks) After a while main character wins against them. At the end he wins the reward for 1st place.

Historical (Basic/pre-historical technology):

3. Little kid gets inspired by his father. As his father is an artist and engineer, trying to make flying objects. Because he doesn't have time to spend with his child, the child wander around in his laboratory and makes simple kites. As the father notices that his child made that, he applies the Childs technique to make objects fly in the sky. Nevertheless, seeing his work community gives him a medal for his work.

4. Main character loves birds and the way they can fly. Because he is an artist, he draw many models of wings. The main character can't walk, so he is stuck in a wheelchair. People around him ignore him and call him useless. Everyone in the city is dull and mean to each other, only because of dark magic which is coming from the cursed clouds in the sky. The protagonist, goes to his art laboratory and invents/creates a kite, to save the city. The artist goes on a high hill. He connects the wheelchair to the kite and jumps off the hill. While gliding down, he pulls the lever - it opens bigger kites "wings", making him glide up to the sky and clear the clouds. The curse is cleared and everyone becomes normal, helpful and friendly.


  1. I like the idea of kite + wheelchair, but maybe without dark magic. For example, the man wanted to fly, but how if he doesn't even know how to walk, and so he decided to invent this unique thing. He was all alone his whole life, no family, no friends...but now he travels the world using his invention, and meets a lot of different people.

  2. I prefer the last two, the pre history aspect will help build the design up for your characters. If I were to choose one, I would go for 4, because of the conflict thing going on, it'll probably be more successful. I'm not sure about the magic part though, since 'pre history' and 'flying machine, sort of makes me think of the Victorian period, and that time isn't really known for magic, unless its technical magic, which isn't really magic.
    Anyhoo that's how I'm thinking. Make what you want.