Tuesday, 24 January 2017

From Script to Screen - OGR (Part 1)

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  1. 24/01/17

    Hey Karolina :)

    Thanks for putting together such a considerate and nicely presented OGR :) Okay - so I see what you're doing here - a sort of Leonardo Da Vinci motif, and I'm just wondering if you could make this an actual 'origin story' for Leonardo Da Vinci? Do you need all the stuff about the fire and the dead parents, I wonder? Maybe you've got this little boy in old Italy who is a bit odd and out-of-place; maybe he's pushed around by the other kids for always reading and drawing.

    He's always drawing birds maybe - doing sketches of their wings etc. The other kids push him over etc. bullied by more muscular types. Maybe there's one horrid kid, who challenges the little boy to some kind of race or challenge which the older boy knows the other boy will lose. Maybe it's about a race - crossing the finish line first or whatever - something athletic and about physical strength.

    Anyway, we see the boy go off into his 'laboratory' - just a humble make-shift place where he's got his drawings and some inventions etc.

    Come the day of the race (or whatever) the two boys are ready - it starts, the older boy pushes the younger boy down - boo! - and everyone thinks he'll lose, when suddenly, the little boy sprouts wings - and like a kite - swoops into the air and easily beats the other boy to the finish line - and everyone is cheering... the camera moves away from the boy, and then tracks back though the streets to the boy's laboratory and the camera tracks towards an open sketch book, the pages of which start to turn, and as they do we see knew drawings appearing - and we recognise them as the drawings of the man this boy will grow into - Leonardo...

    If you made the little Leo around 6 or 7 then his drawings/sophistication etc could reflect his age, and not give away his identity right away... but your premise just makes me think 'This is Leonardo's origin story!' and I think by making it about intellect and sensitivity versus bulk and brawn, you'll be telling a classic story too.