Monday, 19 December 2016

"What If? Metropolis" - Reflective Statement

This project was thrilling and challenging. From the very first day when I picked my artist, Victor Vaserely, I was excited and curious how will it work out for me. The Maya skills that I gained throughout the tutorials and project worked out fine for me. Maya only few times crashed, which didn't affect my work nor my work time. Also photoshop skills rapidly improved, of course they are not the best, but still better than before.
In general, the only one thing that got in my way was how to represent my artist in 3D modelling. As some of his artworks in early days were abstract shapes, but the newer work was purely illusional with hidden simple shapes in them. I had feeling if I would represent his one side of the works it wouldn't truly show his style. But this problem was solved with the help from teachers, but mostly from Phil.
All in all, I really enjoyed this project. Also, am really happy with my final scene and all the skills I gained throughout this project!

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